Some Cool Things…..Batch #1

Sometimes, the main stream stuff gets a little pedantic, so here are some really cool items that I’ve pulled pictures of from ebay or gotten in other ways.  These items are NOT in my collection, so don’t ask if I want to sell them…would love to have any of them though……

Super African-American Advertising card for Cable & El Padre Cigars from Canada…..these sold on ebay 5-6-8 years ago in the $600-$700 range for the pair.

Premium Card for The Philadelphia Confections set E31 – Game Fowls.  This card was about 12″ by 10″ and was previously in my collection.  It is the only premium card I have ever seen for any of the Philadelphia Confections/Caramels animals sets.

This was a play program that someone had used to glue 6 of the N510 Globe Tobacco celebrities onto.  These cards are super tough to begin with and seeing 6 of them in a single shot was pretty exhilarating.  Unfortunately, being the underbidder was not.  They sold for about $400-$500 on ebay 8-10 years ago.

Stay Tuned……….I’ll have another batch of these down the road!

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