Auction Update #1

Thanks for the positive vibes on the upcoming auction endeavor!  I’ve got 116 lots loaded into the system already with many more coming.  Have had a ton of contacts from people with interest in consigning and there’s a lot of room left.

So far, the auction is weighted heavily towards 19th century tobacco…..card sets, lots, albums, cabinets and other items.  I’d love to have more pre- and post-war gum and candy cards, 20th century tobacco and other items.

Will have some more notes soon about other items in the auction!  Check back here often!

New Vintage Nonsports Only Auction

I am starting a Vintage Nonsports Only auction to target a late January / early February 2019 timeframe for the first auction.  The auction will be on the simpleauctionsite platform that many other auction houses currently use.  I’m hoping to have somewhere in the 500-600 lots in the first auction.  To my knowledge, this will be the only Vintage Nonsports Only auction site out there.

In the next 2-4 weeks, the site will be live for registering.  In the meantime, you can contact me if you have anything you’d like to include in the auction.  Items that are always popular include:

  • Complete “N”, “T”, “E” and “R” sets
  • Wrappers
  • Unopened packs
  • PSA/SGC graded single cards and sets
  • Advertising pieces – Cabinets, Posters, etc
  • Tough Typecards

I’ve gotten a number of items consigned already from 3-4 different consignors with many more expected.  Items already in hand for the first auction include the following:

  • Featured items
    • N224 Kinney Military Near Complete set of 589 cards
    • R73 Indian Gum (1933) complete numerical set of 216 cards
    • R69 Horrors of War complete set of 288 cards
    • X-Ray Round-Up complete set of 200 cards, album and unopened pack
  • Numerous “R” near and complete sets
    • True Spy Stories complete set
    • Superman low series 1-48 complete set
    • Lone Ranger near set with highs
    • R773 Indian Gum (1947) complete set
    • War News Bulletin NRMT complete set
    • Civil War News near complete set
    • Topps Wings complete set
  • Numerous “T” and “E” near and complete sets
    • E47 Jockey Colors complete set
    • T85-2 Strollers tobacco near set (92/100)
  • Numerous “N” near and complete sets including
    • N1 Allen & Ginter American Editors Complete
    • N3 Allen & Ginter Arms Complete
    • N15 Allen & Ginter Generals Complete
    • N28 Allen & Ginter Champions – Series 1 complete with all (10) baseball
    • N76 Duke Famous Americans complete
    • N78 Duke Generals booklets near set
    • N79 Duke History of Poor Boys booklets complete
    • N83 Duke River and Ocean Steamers complete
    • N85 Duke Postage Stamps complete
    • N88 Duke Terrors of America complete
    • N124 Duke Presidential Possibilities complete
    • N127 Duke Sea Captains complete
    • N189 Kimball Savage and Semi-Barberous near set (40/50)
    • N554 Finzer Inventors complete
  • Advertising pieces
    • Allen Ginter advertising cabinet photos
    • Kinney Military Die Cut Pieces
    • Goodwin / Old Judge Die Cut Pieces
  • Over 20 Allen & Ginter, Duke, Kinney and Kimball albums—
    some with original mailers
  • Good groups of cards sold as singles and/or lots
    • N99 Battle Scenes
    • N184 Kimball Sports
    • N284 Buchner Jockeys
    • Topps Look ‘N See with Ruth
  • TONS more

I’m offering ZERO commission on consignments through 2019.  The buyer’s commission will be 19% for PayPal/Credit and a 3% discount for cashier’s check/money orders.  As always, you can reach me via email at  I’ve created a twitter account for the auction at  I will tweet photos of new arrivals there and will update it soon with photos of some of the above sets so you can see what’s on the way.

The auction will be reached off of by clicking on the ‘auction’ link.

Stay tuned and check out this thread for updates as they become available……………….

Thanks for your support on this board since 2006 and hoping to offer quality items to quality people into the future………!