Type Card Update #2

Another batch of beautiful cards from (member_15875) just closed out on ebay bringing strong prices for tough material.  Some rarely seen cards continue to leak out of his collection with more to come.  Pictures and prices realized on the cards are outlined below…..

Leading off the group was a clean mid-grade copy of the N9 Belgium Fancy card.  A tough card in any grade but $860.00 was a HUGE price for this card.  I think the last one went for $300-$400, so some strong appreciation on that card and more love lately for the N9 Allen & Ginter flag set with all its variations and back combinations.

A group of three tougher N500 flags went for strong prices as well.  The toughest was the N500 My Sweetheart type that eclipsed $75 with the H. Schwabacher bring near $70 and the Summit Cigarettes bringing $45.

A complete set of (8) N562 Wilson & McCallay “Art Gems” brought a good $293 price tag.  Rarely seen as a set and even rarer to see the envelope they came in.  The singles are seen occasionally on ebay and often with the offer tab cut off.

Tough Types N563, N517, N498 all brought near or over $150 each as well.  And strong prices on tougher, clean,  mainstream cards from Kimball, Lorillard and others.

Looks like the 19th century nonsports arena is heating up.  Stay tuned for Update #3 from the large batch of this seller’s cards up on eBay right now….

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