Auction…..Part Deux

Whew. Auction 2 concluded on 6/26 and I’ve been feverishly trying to get items picked, packed and posted. The 3 P’s. I told someone today, I’ve worked at UPS for 34 years, owned a The UPS Store franchise for 3 years and shipped 10’s of thousands of eBay items since 1995 but the auction business is so totally different. Most of the eBay sales are 1-2-3 items that are like-sized and all together and inventory management isn’t a tough proposition. With this auction, especially, I had many many more odd-sized items and large display items and getting them pulled and sizing packing needs has been a challenge. I’d say I’m about 85-90% complete. Still waiting on a few payments too.

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s involvement in the Auction–Consignors, Bidders, Advice givers, everyone. This auction had about 150 items more than last auction and about 100 more items in total that sold than the last auction. Dollar amount was up about 10% over last auction, total bids placed were up about 25% and registered users about a same amount.

The October auction will be our third and final installment for 2019 and will run from 10/17-10/27. Hopefully the Sunday evening 8pm closing time worked a little better than the previous auction.

I’m accepting consignments for the October and future auctions now. The October auction will feature prominently a complete cancelled 1932-3 U.S. Caramel Presidents set of 31 cards INCLUDING the ultra-rare William McKinley card. The cards will be graded by SGC at the National in Chicago in early August.

In addition, 1930’s complete sets for the auction will include complete sets of higher grade National Chicle Skybirds, Goudey Circus puzzle complete set, R60 Gum Inc G-Men and Heroes of the Law and many, many more.