When you think of Natural Leaf… may think of the above.  Or….you may think of the T68 Men and Heroes of History set variation back for Natural Leaf Scrap Tobacco.  They would both be very popular right now…..

A couple recent auctions on eBay closed with each one having 45+ T68 cards in them–most of which were Natural Leaf Scrap backs–for over $800 and $1000 each.  They’re pictured below…..

The Natural Leaf Scrap backs are very, very tough backs and are rarely found more than 1-2 at a time, so to find two lots comprising nearly a complete set of 100 cards is a rare opportunity for someone to boost their holdings.  And someone took that opportunity…..

The same bidder won both lots and there were 4 different bidders on the $800 lot above $350 but only one underbidder on the $1000 lot that bid $999 to push it to the winning bid.  That underbidder did not bid on the $800 lot.  At least at any higher level.  

Back variation collecting–especially TOUGH back variation collecting seems to have spilled from the T206 minions over to the nonsports world.  While there are dozens (or more) back collectors of tough baseball cards, the nonsports world seems to be growing those collectors to a certain extent.  With typically smaller sets in nonsports cards and the ability to buy a tough back for a fraction of what an UZIT baseball back would cost, this trend is bound to continue.  Sets like the T59 flags, T79 and T80 military and others that have tough back variations, along with sets with factory variations seem poised to continue the march upward…..

So this has to be a good sign for the nonsports card market……bid fast, bid furious back collectors!  

362….getting close!

Up to 362 items for the January 2017 auction. Consignments from 4-5 more people will get it up to about 425 lots. If you have anything to consign, the deadline can be extended but no later than 12/22. Thanks to all who have consigned!

We also do pinbacks, wrappers, unopened packs and boxes and more!  

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