Typecard Update #3

Well, member_15875 just closed out another group of “N” typecards on ebay with some continued good results.  I think it speaks well of the 19th Century tobacco market right now and a really good tactic of listing a number of tough issues right alongside a number of more common, but clean issues.  The common issues seemed to get some tagalong price increases.

Most of the cards in the nine below couldn’t really be considered ‘scarce’ typecards but would be considered tougher ‘regular’ type issues I guess.  The Duke, Buchner, Kinney, American Eagle and S.F. Hess are arguably the most common of  the (9) cards.  N103 Duke Burlesque Scenes have been getting a lot of love (no pun intended) lately it seems.  When I sold a half dozen or more off last summer/fall, I got in the $60-$100 range.  This seller has been getting those numbers consistently but also into the $130-$150 range.  And his N221 Kinney Jocular Ocular went for $56.  That’s a fair price it seems when the N221 has the tab on it which often seems to have been cut or torn off.  The N282 Buchner Butterfly ($127) and N288 Buchner Police ($219) were in the market of where they generally trade to a little higher for the Police card.  The N324 SF Hess card brought strong money for a really clean copy at $202 and the other three cards (N532 Hard a Port $80, N564 Gravely $77 and N577 George Young Sports card $192) were at or above recent copy sales.

One consistent thing with most of the cards in member_15875’s collection has been good, clean condition on most all the cards.  Few with creases, few with back issues and just generally a good look to all of them.  They have been well-scanned on a flatbed scanner with dark background and both front and back pictures.  It seems as though he’s listed 30-50 at a time.  Typically,  about half of them are ‘common’ type cards for set builders and the rest are cards from sets that aren’t run-of-the-mill.

It’s good to see these prices and see someone bring some of these fantastic cards out of the woodwork.  Word on the street is that the “N’s” are done and he’s moving on to the “T’s”.  Stay tuned for typecard update #4………

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