Auction Update #2

Okay…..last update was 116 and this one is 158.  Have added 42 more items into the auction with more to come!  Have consignments from a couple more people that I haven’t had time to go through yet.  Those should be added in the next couple weeks and take us to the 200 range.  If you have anything to consign, let me know–especially anything in the early and later candy and gum–E or R realm.  Would love to get a good batch of tougher wax packs or wrappers as well.  Remember ZERO (Zero? Are you kidding me?  That’s crazy!) commission on anything consigned during 2019.

If you haven’t registered for the auction yet, go to and click on ‘auction’.  Registering will ensure you get on and stay on our mailing list.  Thanks for all the support so far!

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