Richard K Fox / Police Gazette


Richard K Fox was the publisher of the Police Gazette magazine in the late 1900’s and an expert and author on the sport of boxing.  He issued a series of boxing cabinets on mounts with “Richard K Fox”, “Richard K Fox” and Police Gazette and mounts with Police Gazette magazine ID only.  In addition to boxing, there are a number of baseball subjects, famous people like Annie Oakley, Political subjects and actresses.

It is believed that the cabinets cost ten cents each and were in an envelope like the one pictured below.  This is a very scarce envelope that I’ve seen only one time.

The beautiful Annie Oakley Police Gazette cabinet sold on eBay for approximately $2700 in the late Spring of 2018.  It was in excellent condition and originally listed for $3995 or best offer.  It was subsequently relisted for $3495 or best offer before being bought.

Annie Oakley


My Richard K Fox / Police Gazette Cabinets

Prince of Wales